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TCB Smoothing Cream With Protein Relaxer Super 425 gr (Hair care , Treatments) NCsPTBjM

TCB Smoothing Cream With Protein Relaxer Super 425 gr (Hair care , Treatments) NCsPTBjM

  • Modell: NCsPTBjM
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Product description Súper Cream hair straightener, without base, with protein and DNA. It does not contain neutralizing shampoo or a posterior mask. It's just the relaxer. Special straightening for hair. Follow the instructions carefully. Protect the skin with a fat, not exceeding the exposure time and clarifying it and washing it with a shampoo of pH 7.0 or more. Application: Apply a small amount of TCB Relaxer Super to several strands of hair from the root to the tips. Do not leave the straightener for longer than recommended (see the synchronization guide). Rinse with shampoo and towel dry the relaxed section only. Observe hair relaxation or any damage to hair. If the test shows hair breakage or other signs of damage, do not use the product until the hair has been reconditioned and tested again apply a protective cream on the hair, nape and skin lines. Using an application brush, gently separate the hair into four sections. Using protective gloves, start the application on the nape area applying a relaxation cream as close as possible to the scalp. Continue in thin sections, moving in the direction of the forehead. When you reach the forehead, repeat the procedure for the other half of the head, applying the relaxer on the last hairline. After applying the relaxant completely, begin to straighten the nape area where the relaxer was applied for the first time. Soften the hair and continue with the next section in the same pattern. Repeat this procedure until the hair is relaxed. Rinse: When the desired relaxation has been obtained, rinse the hair thoroughly with a strong force of warm water until the hair is free of all traces of the cream relaxer. Neutralize: keep hair straight
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