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Shampoo for dry and coloured hair 200ml. Xu9kX05A

Shampoo for dry and coloured hair 200ml. Xu9kX05A

  • Modell: Xu9kX05A
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Product description Shampoo for dry and coloured hair 200ml.Shampoo for dry and coloured hair. Rich in argan and olive oil, offers health and shine to dry-coloured hair and repairs the damaged hair. Cleanses hair perfectly offering strength, volume and elasticity, due to its mild cleansing and conditioning ingredients.Contains: 200mlKey ingredientsOlive Oil (Organic): Antioxidant, anti-ageing properties.Argan Oil: Nutritional, emollient properties.Grape seed extract: Antioxidant. Protecting hair colour.Aloe (Organic): Soothing, moisturising.Provitamin B5: Moisturizing, healing action. Repairs damaged hair.Vitamin E: Antioxidant, anti-ageing effects. Against free radicals.UV filter: Photo-protective.
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