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Osmo Curl Spray 250ml rdLwCXn2

Osmo Curl Spray 250ml rdLwCXn2

  • Modell: rdLwCXn2
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Product description Reign in even the most out of control curls with Osmo Curl Spray. Osmo is the UK's leading professional hair care brand and the Curl Spray is the professionals' choice for taming curls and maintaining a defined frizz free finish. The spray is non-sticky and suitable for everyday use without inhibiting your hair's health.Osmo Curl Spray contains a unique blend of ingredients which have been professionally formulated to give long lasting control over curls. Unlike other curl sprays, Osmo's Curl Spray contains non-sticky ingredients which produce a natural appearance.Shake bottle before use. Spray Osmo Curl Spray evenly onto towel dried hair and allow to dry naturally. For superior definition dry hair with a diffuser.
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