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Novex Dex5 D-Panthenol Super Concentrated Solution 60 ml (Hair care , Styling products) rCmbDGrP

Novex Dex5 D-Panthenol Super Concentrated Solution 60 ml (Hair care , Styling products) rCmbDGrP

  • Modell: rCmbDGrP
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Product description Which woman has not wanted to have the hair of her dreams? Surely if you have searched which is the perfect hydration for the hair, you must have heard speaking about the Pantenol. It is a complex ultra moisturizing and an excellent agent conditioner that anticipates the damages of the hair, reduces the formation of double tops, contributes intense sheen. This is the range Dex5 with D-Pantenol, a range that is composed of a capillary solution ultra moisturizing and super concentrated. This solution is a concentrate of provitamina B5 with acondicionante effect and moisturizing immediately. It helps to retain and absorb the water of the interior of the cuticle of the hair, preserving his natural and elegant well appearance. Indication Thin hair, without volume and damaged. Action Anticipates the damages caused on the hair Reduces the formation of opened and double tops Retains the natural dampness of the cuticle Contributes volume and leaves the very soft hair Result Repaired, soft hair, with sheen and volume. Directions and frequency of use It is possible to use by differents ways: Mixed with the conditioner: to add a measure of the measure of the conditioner or mask, to stop to act 2 or 4 minutes and to clarify. Mixed with the shampoo: to add a lid of the product together with a measure of the shampoo. To apply in the hairy leather massaging and then to put more shampoo of means to tops. To clarify. Mixed with the cream of brushing: to add a lid of the product in 100gr of brushing cream. To apply from means to tops and not to clarify. Use like brushing cream: to use a small quantity of means to tops, with the humid hair and to stop to dry as like wishes. Use like invigorating treatment: with the hair clean, to divide in 4 parts and to apply the solution in the hairy leather. To massage and to finish as,like wishes.
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