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Ionic tail comb HCMB-10 AlEV5uhL
Ionic tail comb HCMB-10 AlEV5uhL

Ionic tail comb HCMB-10 AlEV5uhL

  • Modell: AlEV5uhL
  • 2422 stk. på lager

kr. 55,29

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Product description This semi-professional tail comb is perfect for hairstyling and hair straightening. Good ergonomics, silky feel and antistatic effect add to the comfort of everyday grooming.These combs are made in Germany by Hercules Sägemann using only the highest quality materials accompanied by a strict quality control. The materials used in production are thermoplastic, silk fibers and silicone. Which ensure seamless gliding through the hair, gentle massaging of the scalp, flexible and strong body. These combs are heat and chemical resistant, and almost indestructible, making sure they are worth their fair price. Hand decorated by Mont Bleu in Europe | made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTSBack to hair combs page, where you can find many colors and types.
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