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Hercules Sagemann Bristle Mini Paddle Hair Brush Walnut Wood VWmcMfxz

Hercules Sagemann Bristle Mini Paddle Hair Brush Walnut Wood VWmcMfxz

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Product description Hercules Sagemann bristles paddle hair brush is hand crafted by German experts in combs and brushes since 1856 and offers the best tool for daily hair care. Carefully selected pure boar bristles glide easily through the hair and smoothen protective cuticles, creating pure shine and beauty. Forget about split ends – natural oils are distributed evenly throughout the hair and condition weakened ends, so you hair looks naturally silkier and healthier. Handmade by Hercules Sagemann-Germany since 1856Highly dense boar bristles do not damage hair and do not generate static electricity. What they do is they gently smoothen and straighten the cuticle, while removing styling products and environmental dust. Longer polyamide pins with ball ends are set in an air-cushion pad and gently massage the scalp, improving blood circulation in the follicles and supporting growth of healthy hair. The pins are heat-resistant.With each brush stroke, the hair is softly detangled making it even more beautiful and healthier-looking. Dark walnut handle adds a luxury touch and is ergonomically designed to give you the most optimal handling.Length: 18.3 cm. Number of rows: 8. Hercules Sagemann (Germany) have been producing highest quality professional combs and brushes for over 150 years. Each Hercules paddle brush stands for maximum hair protection and fulfills the highest professional requirements. When you buy Hercules Sagemann, you buy the best in the world, the best in class combs and brushes.
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