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Headjog 7 piece tool roll 0OW0gWDu

Headjog 7 piece tool roll 0OW0gWDu

  • Modell: 0OW0gWDu
  • 1451 stk. på lager

kr. 97,29

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Product description A painter has their brushes, a tree surgeon has their saws, a writer has their desire to tell you about their screenplay that will never get made. As a stylist (be it of your own hair or someone else's), you need the tools necessary to do your job. Headjogs 7 Piece Tool Roll gives you exactly that.Complete with a cutting comb, tail comb, pintail comb, metal pin comb, detangle comb, vent brush, and traditional styling brush, this kit has all the tools you need to help manage, smooth, and style hair.For salon professionals only
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